New Haircut and Weird Toddler Circadian Rhythms

With the change in light up here (you would think we were way way up north) it doesn’t get dark before 9:30 and we can’t seem to keep the light from Aidan’s room. This means that for the last few nights Aidan has not been getting to sleep before it is dark. This is wreaking havoc on our lovely bedtime schedule and is making it very hard for our Aidan to get the amount of sleep that he needs. (He is also waking up at the crack of Dawn!) So today despite the very tired toddler and Mommy we went down to the baby gym at False Creek to get some time in on the cars and ride on toys. Aidan for some reason will not go near the bouncy castle. In fact it was the same shaking fear that he had when we tried to bring him up the stairs to the cement trucks. He was very well behaved except for the time when we had to go. The transition times are getting harder and harder for Aidan and I am not sure how to make the transitions from playing to going home any better. He doesn’t seem to understand “one more time around the gym and then we go.”

There is a child’s haircutting place at the Market and Aidan’s friend T. has been twice and his mom Gen has liked the results. Since the last hair cut Aidan got with his dad was a total disaster and the haircut we tried to give him didn’t go much better I hoped that this one would go better. It did. There was a little bit of crying but he was able to sit in a horse chair and watch Thomas the Tank Engine. The stylist was very quick and very used to heads that move all over the place. She also only used scissors as I told her that clippers were a very bad thing and he would have a big tantrum. So, without further adieu, here are the before and after pictures.

Aidan watching the Excavator

Aidan  watchinig the

Aidan watching the Digger this morning on our way to the park.

The back of his head with the new “Soccer Boy” haircut.


Aidan looking very impressed after his nap.


Aidan looking Angelic. 🙂

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3 Responses to New Haircut and Weird Toddler Circadian Rhythms

  1. Lisa says:

    Oh! what a cute litte guy! love the new “do”! That’s the same hair cut I WANTED for my son, but unfortunately as I was explaining it, all the hairdresser heard was BUZZ! So the buzz cut is almost grown out and we’ll be doing a “soccer boy” haircut next time too! lol

  2. Nana Lorraine says:

    What a difference. Aidan looks so cute! That is one smart hairdresser and she is well worth becoming Aidan’s regular barber. Have you tried duct tape on the blinds? It might keep out the sun. Love you.

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