Hair Cut at Home: Part Deux

After Aidan’s supper last night Anthony decided we need to cut the rest of Aidan’s hair and that we would try the electric clippers we bought. I don’t have any pictures or video because as soon as the clippers were put on his head he started crying and screaming and shaking with fear. Before that he wasn’t afraid of scissors or combs. Now Aidan will run in the other direction and move his head out of the way. We prevailed and took 5 minutes to get his hair cut at least a little bit to make the bangs look a little less severe. Afterwards Aidan was a weeping, shaking clinging mess. He recovered in a bath and went to bed on time, but this has reiterated that going to the barber is not an option for a while. Besides with the Romulan haircut he has there should be no need for a very long time. 🙂

Is this a normal reaction?

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  1. Nana Lorraine says:

    I never took you or your brothers to get a haircut, I did it myself with scissors. Sean would have “wigged out” because he hated anything loud. Stephen would never have sat still long enough to let anyone but me do it.

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