Practice Makes Perfect: I Need A Little Faith

I am part of my church choir. In fact as the past choir director and organist gets older I am taking on more and more of the administrative and musical directing of the choir.  This is scary for a few reasons, the first being my absolute inability to play the piano.

Most of the time my ineptitude on the keyboard is ok because there is an organist who is willing to be part of rehearsals and the main choir services.  Rehearsals like tonight are a different story.  Without a pianist getting new members up to speed is a much more difficult task.  We started out very rough.  Of course the fact that half the choir was still not able to get to rehearsal was also a problem.  Once the main tenor was in the rehearsal and I wasn’t trying to sing three parts at once the rehearsal went much more smoothly.

I know that every year this is a problem.  People are busy and can’t make rehearsals until practically the last two weeks.  This really stresses me out even though I know it will come together.  This year I even tried to start the rehearsals early.  I figured giving the choir a few more weeks to practice that we wouldn’t be scrambling.

I think some prayers wouldn’t be amiss.  Or hey, anyone who can sing and read music available for a service on December 6th, and a couple of rehearsals beforehand, email me.

I guess I just gotta have some faith.

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