Sleep Issues

Once again I am still having a difficult time with Quinlan and sleep.  I guess more that Quinlan isn’t sleeping and is more and more attached to me, literally.  It seems like Quinlan is unable to sleep even when he is a few feet away from me.  He wants to be attached to me.  He wants to be nursing all night long.  I am so tired and Anthony is not faring much better.

Don’t get me wrong, I love nursing Quinlan, I just wish he would take a bottle once in a while, or drink some milk.  I love the closeness that breastfeeding affords me, but I am starting to worry that I will never sleep more than a couple of hours straight again.  Even trying to let Quinlan fall back to sleep on his own, with minimal CIO (less than a couple of minutes with us in the room just a few feet away) is met with absolute hysteria.

I am going to have to try to sleep train again.  I just wish we had another room so that we didn’t have to worry about the one person in this house that is getting any sleep at all.

Any ideas on winning some money or getting a one year old to drink cow milk?  I think it would improve the sleeping situation immensely.

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2 Responses to Sleep Issues

  1. Marilyn says:

    Hmmm sleep issues are so brutal to endure. My kids were polar opposites on the issue of sleep. K (now 3) was a terrible sleeper. He would cry forever before he went to sleep and had to be held/rocked in order to fall asleep and he would wake up every few hours and require the same treatment to fall back to sleep. I tried every no CIO method I could read about and in the end none of them worked. I admit that after many months we resorted to sleep training him by using a “nice” CIO method. I know most parents think this is a horrible method but I couldn’t do it anymore. I put him into his crib and then let him see us every five min (we were usually in the same room as him just out of his view) and then every ten min until days later he got better. At the beginning his crying was hysterical and it was really tough. I know this is why many say it’s not a good thing to do…but again no other method worked and I was going crazy. He was/is a really big kid (30+ pounds at one year) so I refused to nurse him or bottle feed him as he was just using that as a crutch to fall asleep with.

    Em is a better sleeper and just sucks her fingers to put herself back to sleep (I don’t feed her in the night either). She drinks milk but only from a sippy with a straw. She refuses any other type of sippy or bottle. You might want to try offering cow milk from different types of containers. Oh also – even from the beginning she refused to drink from the sippy if I was holding it while sitting down with her in my lap. If I stand while holding her she will drink while I hold it – otherwise she will only drink from it when she’s allowed to hold it herself. You can try that too. Maybe your kid is as picky as mine.

    (Sorry so long! I could write forever on sleep issues!)
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  2. Sandi says:

    I totally know how you feel! It is hard getting them to sleep isn’t it? Neither one would take a bottle and nursing was the only acceptable way, in their opinion, of getting back to sleep during the night. I always found that just as I got to the end of my rope something would happen and the kids would settle down into a better sleep pattern.

    Will he let you roll and turn away from him once he is asleep so he is facing your back? I’m sorry I don’t have a totally awesome solution for you. I hope he settles into a great sleep groove soon!
    .-= Sandi´s last blog ..awkward =-.

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