Getting Ready for Kindergarten

I am a little apprehensive about the changes that are starting to take place now.  I am to pick up the kindergarten registration packages this week.  Well I should have picked them up last week but the sickness that knocked us on our butts kept us out of the schools.  I need to pick up the packages from three different schools and a package from the district to show that we live in our catchment area.

So we need to fill out 4 sets of paper, get all of Aidan’s vaccination records, and get them into the schools asap.  All of this started the first week of November, a full 1o months before he is scheduled to start kindergarten.

I am still a little worried that we will end up with Aidan being part of the french immersion lottery.  I want him to be in french immersion so badly because I really want Aidan to flourish and not be at all bored.  I am also worrying about having him in a classroom where he need to sit more often than he does in preschool.

Aidan can read (and well) and he understands so much about all kinds of things and has all the math skills he needs for passing kindergarten now, he doesn’t like writing or colouring.  I know that he can write well enough, but he doesn’t have the patience for colouring much of anything.  He hardly ever paints or colours at preschool.

I am glad that Aidan loves his preschool and his friends.  He is really blossoming socially. He has a best buddy and even asked if I could arrange a playdate with his friend’s mother.  This is why I put him in preschool.  I wanted Aidan to be good with other kids and learn to share.   I wanted him to be able to work in a classroom of kids that were in different situations and with different disciplines.  Aidan needed to learn that he was not the top dog all the time.  I think that it was a really good idea.  Aidan is so lovely with the other kids and it is wonderful to see him growing socially.  I love hearing his stories about preschool and seeing him put up his hand in front of me to get my attention.

All of these things remind me how quickly my little boy is growing up.  I am not sure if I am in the growing up too fast or just fast enough camp of thought.  I love that Aidan is getting so big and can do so many things, but part of me is a little sad that he might need me less and less.  Thought I must admit that when he hugs me and tells me that he  “wants to be with me forever because I love you Mommy,” I melt.  I guess he just has a way with words.

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3 Responses to Getting Ready for Kindergarten

  1. harrietglynn says:

    Very sweet. I can’t even imagine Kindergarten – it feels like a lifetime away and yet it will arrive like it’s tomorrow… sighhhhhh
    .-= harrietglynn´s last blog ..Happy Birthday Firefox =-.

  2. Carrie says:

    If he doesn’t make it into french immersion have you considered some of the alternative programs? We put Victoria into a Montessori preschool partially because she needs to be challenged. We haven’t yet decided if we’ll continue past the preschool stage (possibly because she’s only been going or a month or so LOL) but so far she’s been doing so well.

    Man, 10 months in advance?? Who knew you had to take care of that SO early!!

  3. Grandma Kathy says:

    Time has flown since Aidan was born. I think kindergarten is one of the hardest times in a child/parents life. You raise your child to be independent and then they start to become independent and it is hard. One day at a time. Next hardest is high school graduation but you have a while for that.

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