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Canadian Idol: I can’t keep quiet anymore.

To the voting Canadian public:
What the Hell are you thinking???????? Why have you not kicked Taylor to the curb yet? If I hear another “Dude where’s my car?” moment from him I honestly don’t know what I will … Continue reading

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Am I Getting Old?

Since when did 33 become old? When did 33 mean you have all kinds of aches and pains that keep you from sleeping? I guess it might be like Penn Jillette says, that after you mid twenties everyone … Continue reading

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New Camera, My Favourite Subjects

Something we hear a lot at our house: Anthony says, “Aidan, where’s Mommy?”

Aidan and Anthony, False Creek Elementary School

We went walking and stumbled upon a small playground one day. I brought Aidan and Anthony back here to play. … Continue reading

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Teething Again

Aidan never does anything half assed. He is teething again. This time it is two molars and an eye-tooth. All. At. The same time! This doesn’t make for a restful weekend.
Friday night I was … Continue reading

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