New Camera, My Favourite Subjects

Something we hear a lot at our house: Anthony says, “Aidan, where’s Mommy?”

Aidan and Anthony, False Creek Elementary School

We went walking and stumbled upon a small playground one day. I brought Aidan and Anthony back here to play. I am not sure that Aidan liked his first time on a tire swing. It was funny seeing Anthony try to maneouvre in and out of it though.

Aidan did however love the slide. It was on a slight hill and he could, with our help, climb up the slide and then go down on his own.

Aidan went down a couple of times on his bum, but he preferred to go both up and down on his tummy.

Wow this looks steep. It is amazing what you can do with camera angles.

Too bad you can’t see all the dirt. He had a blast though. “Catch you later Grandparents.”

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