Canadian Idol: I can’t keep quiet anymore.

To the voting Canadian public:

What the Hell are you thinking???????? Why have you not kicked Taylor to the curb yet? If I hear another “Dude where’s my car?” moment from him I honestly don’t know what I will say. Come on! Ashley has been kicking ass and you throw her away. It is almost enough to make a person actually watch it when it is being aired and vote.

To the contestants:

Steffi: Get rid of the bows. Sure they were fine in the beginning but now they are just getting in the way of people taking you seriously. Also, figure out how to emote a bit more. I think you could be amazing but right now all people see is someone acting.

Taylor: For god’s sakes if you don’t have a brain in your head by all means keep speaking the way you do. If you do have some intelligence stop imitating Ashton Kutcher in “That 70’s Show” and say something intelligent.

Craig: Stop with the cheesy ballads and cheap theatrics. Oh, but thanks for choosing at least 1 song written for a male. Don’t ever choose a Celine song. Please!

Chad: Choose some upbeat songs. Right now you are just a bit boring.

Eva: Shock the crap out of people and sing a song at least partially in French. Come on girl represent yourself!

To the judges:

Sass: Stop hitting on the young boys and for god’s sake don’t get drunk on the show!!!

Farley: Get out of the suit once in a while. It might do you some good.

Zach: Say what you mean and don’t pussyfoot around it. Come on, they are paying you for your opinion.

Jake: Disagree with Zach all you want, don’t take it so personally.

To Ben Mulroney:

Please stop the I have no clue about music but that sounded wonderful to me crap. Come on, just admit that you have a tin ear and that nobody hired you for you looks or appeal to the Canadian public. Damn I really can’t think of one reason why they would hire you for this particular job.

To People everywhere:

Can we start a web campaign to rid Canadian Idol of Mulroney? I would sign in a flash. Let us vote him off idol and keep a contestant another week!!

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3 Responses to Canadian Idol: I can’t keep quiet anymore.

  1. Ali says:

    i actually dig Taylor in a -i-want-to-take-him-home-and-bake-him-cookies sort of way. he’s just got such a cute aw-shucksiness about him.

    steffi and her bows can go home….

  2. Christina says:

    LOL! I’ve never seen Canadian Idol, but it sounds like it has even more drama to it than American Idol!

  3. Gwen says:

    Canadian Idol still can’t hold a candle to the judges and host on American Idol, but yes it is pretty entertaining. One of these days I will have to watch it live and vote, but with a toddler the only way we can watch anything is with our PVR.

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