Am I Getting Old?

Since when did 33 become old? When did 33 mean you have all kinds of aches and pains that keep you from sleeping? I guess it might be like Penn Jillette says, that after you mid twenties everyone has some sort of pain.

Sigh, well, this pain kept me up till almost 4am last night. And I am babysitting this morning. WTF, if it was going to happen why not Monday night instead? I feel weird that it was so sleep depriving because it was merely really uncomfortable. The fact that my Ipod died was just a lovely bonus. I should have just have gone out for a walk. Maybe that would have got me to sleep sooner.

Anyway, enough bitching about pain. I will post something later about the boy. 🙂

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2 Responses to Am I Getting Old?

  1. I came to the rude and abrupt realization that I wasn’t as flexible anymore when I tried some yoga move the other day that I used to do easily. I paid for it with Aleve for the next three days. It seems that these days, pain comes more quickly and stays longer.

  2. heidi says:

    I’m not old, I’m fat… or both. My aches, too, started in my later 20’s and I think gaining 60 pounds from age 19 to age 25 might’ve been the culprit- adding weight to strain my crooked spine. That said, turning 30 & having a baby a mere month apart made me age a decade I think. I’m pretty sure a funky short haircut will make me young again, even if I refuse to cover my greys:)

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