Things That Are True: Getting Cars Fixed or Maintained Sucks

There is almost nothing more annoying, nerve wracking and, horrific than taking a car into get the oil changed or something fixed. I actually have nightmares about bringing our car in for what should be routine maintenance. I am a smart and confident woman, most of the time, and I actually know at least a little bit about the mechanics of cars.

This feeling of dread started when Anthony and I bought our first car together. I was the one that brought the car in for almost all its maintenance. I dealt with one service rep in particular who seemed to think that all women were entirely uninformed about cars and couldn’t possibly be aware when something was wrong. That first car had some problems with the transmission and a few other problems that were never properly fixed.

I especially remember 2 incidents, the first was when this person accused me of running over sticks and ruining my radiator. There was also the time when  I let him know that there was a sound in the engine compartment that sounded like a loose belt.  I am certain that he didn’t take me seriously and instead of letting the service department know, it was overlooked. The very next day the alternator belt broke while I was driving home from work in rush hour traffic. The very next day I no longer had to deal with this service representative and the head of the service department was always there to help me from then on. I suppose this was because of the VERY bad service rating that I gave this person. I was pissed about the car breaking down when I specifically asked them to check for a loose belt.

When we got the Vue we got the extended warranty and kept going to the same dealership. We had fewer problems with this car and with the exception of needing a new tire after our trip to the Yukon and Northwest Territories things went pretty well. Once we were out of warranty we then just kept getting the oil changed every 6ooo K. Usually we went to an oil change place and for the first couple of times it was easy and not at all painful. Then the up selling started. The first time it was a cabin filter, and I really wasn’t sure so sure I went for it. Most of the time I just said no,  but it is a pain in the ass always needing to be firm.

The last time I took the car in was the day after I got back from Blogher in New York and I was on the way to get Aidan to piano and my mother and Quinlan were also in the car. I was so duped that I wrote a really long post that is sitting in my draft folder. I am not sure I have ever felt so incredibly stupid after getting the car maintained or fixed. There is an oil change place that has lost my business forever and I will never recommend them to anyone. To be clear, never ever go to Mr. Lube at Arbutus and 12th.

I decided that the changing of tires and buying thereof will fall to Anthony. I am tired of being treated badly by car service people. I am sorely sick of being treated like an idiot. No more up selling. No more filters, extra fluids or other extras. I will get what I want and NOTHING else. If you try, watch out, I will just leave and you will not get my business again. NO MORE I say. No more.


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  1. Nicole says:

    Yeah, those chain oil change places are kind of meh. My mom always gets the upsell. When they push, she just says, “Well you can talk to my husband about it.” and that usually shuts them up.

    Sad, but true. The only upsell I’ve ever gotten at Honda is when I put my car back on the road and they checked it over and suggested I get the brakes cleaned (for $150). I declined.

    I find the Canadian Tire on Cambie is actually pretty good service wise – they don’t usually try the upsell.
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