Trains, Trains, Trains

I am pretty sure the boy get their love of trains from me. That is not to say that Anthony doesn’t like trains, but I think he was more into other things growing up. A big part of the reason the boys have so much wooden train track and trains is because I love them. When Aidan was too small to make his own track layouts I took the time to make intricate layouts for him. Aidan loves trains and his track layouts are extensive and intricate and beautiful. Quinlan’s eyes light up when he is playing with trains. Both boys were excited when we walked into the gymnasium filled with elaborate tracks, scenery and moving trains at the Model Train exhibition in Burnaby.

I think my favourite were the Lego trains, but there were a lot of cool models there as well.

Although it may just be the elaborate minifig presentations that won me over.

The details in the other models and backgrounds were pretty fabulous as well.

Our boys had a great time and it was nice to see the looks of joy on their faces and that of the grown ups running the trains. Everybody needs a place to play.

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