Life Goes [Somewhat] Back to Normal

It is hard to imagine how we went from a mysterious pain in Aidan’s hand to two hand surgeries, one an emergency, to working on Lego with both hands in just over three weeks. How did a healthy boy get a Strep A skin, deep space, blood and bone infection all emanating from his left […] . . . → Read More: Life Goes [Somewhat] Back to Normal

An Update on Aidan and Quinlan

The Aidan and Quinlan update: (I will post the whole story soon.)
Quinlan got sick this morning on the way to preschool. I am hoping that it was just the antibiotics, wait, no since we have a number of days left, I am hoping it was a quick virus that will be gone soon. No more […] . . . → Read More: An Update on Aidan and Quinlan

Aidan and Quinlan Review Aesop’s Fables

After seeing the play on Saturday both Quinlan and Aidan wanted to review Aesop’s Fables. Quinlan was unsure about what to say, and as always Aidan almost never runs out of words. While Quinlan was in theatre class Aidan and I took to various parts of Granville Island to film. The first location was appealing […] . . . → Read More: Aidan and Quinlan Review Aesop’s Fables


It is time for new glasses for Aidan and it is a good thing too. His preferred pair of glasses has an arm that keeps falling off and his other pair, currently being worn all the time are scratched to hell. This time I think I will get both pairs from Clearly contacts, but there […] . . . → Read More: Glasses