An Update on Aidan and Quinlan

The Aidan and Quinlan update: (I will post the whole story soon.)

Quinlan got sick this morning on the way to preschool. I am hoping that it was just the antibiotics, wait, no since we have a number of days left, I am hoping it was a quick virus that will be gone soon. No more puking today though he did take and almost 4 hour nap. I think this is pretty understandable because he has not been napping well and has been up hours past his bedtime several days in a row. After all the crap this week and a half I decided that I could not take apart the car seat again and hand wash the cushioning again, so I left it in the rain until I could convince myself to toss it. Luckily a friend had an extra car seat that she dropped off. It was after she dropped it off that I had a brainstorm about where Anthony might have put the straps to Aidan’s old car seat. Yay! It actually fits Quinlan better than hi did anyway.

Aidan is doing better, though last night he had a very bad headache. The doctors did a pretty thorough neurological exam and it didn’t seem related to his infection so it looks like 7 was when he had his first migraine too. Boo. At least the morphine for his hand helped his headache go away as well.

Today Aidan did really well with physio and he is now without the resting splint. He was able to spend time in the schoolroom and got a chance to play air hockey. He also had some of his friends come to see him and he really enjoyed spending some time with kids his own age.

The only downside today is that the IV finally wore out. Aidan is now sporting an IV in his foot which is about the only solution right now. So while it is good because he can use his right hand again, it is a lot harder to move around.

We think all the departments are on the same page now, and if the blood tests on Friday are good he should get out Saturday. If they are not quite up to snuff he will need to spend a few more days.

With Quinlan’s illness things changed a bit and he needs to stay away from the hospital for a couple of days. As long as there is no more vomit he should be back to preschool on Thursday and in to visit Aidan in the afternoon. He was quite upset that he didn’t get to see his brother today. I think this is the first time ever he hasn’t seen his brother longer than a few hours. Even if Anthony or I have been away, Aidan has always been there for Quinlan. No wonder he doesn’t like going to sleep at night.

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  1. Patti says:

    It’s tough when one is sick but so much tougher when a sibling is also sick and you have to take precautions. I totally feel for you guys. This is no fun… fun at all. Hoping for a quick recovery for all. Lots of love sent to you all.

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