It is time for new glasses for Aidan and it is a good thing too. His preferred pair of glasses has an arm that keeps falling off and his other pair, currently being worn all the time are scratched to hell. This time I think I will get both pairs from Clearly contacts, but there is just one small problem. I have never ever had a pair of glasses that just fit me. There is always some adjustment needed and I am not sure that the hairdryer trick will work on the glasses he picked out. It might, if I get the metal warm enough I should be able to use my jewellers pliers to adjust them so he is comfortable, but then again maybe not. I do think that for the $500 we paid for the glasses he is wearing now they should be a lot sturdier. Have they not come up with an unbreakable pair of glasses yet? I still plan to get two pairs of glasses and have one of them not be transitions. I miss being able to take outside pictures of Aidan where I can actually see his eyes.


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