More Minefields of a Walking Toddler

As all moms know a walking toddler is a minefield waiting to happen. Yesterday Aidan and I went to get some food and the to pick up Daddy for lunch. Since we were picking up food at the village we walked from the car as stairs and the stroller don’t mix so well. Because we had been doing some errands before, I needed to go to the bathroom while I was there, and Aidan had to come in with me. This usually isn’t a problem because he is in the stroller. This time it was a problem as Aidan figure out very quickly how to unlock the door and of course he wanted to open it. The only good thing is that because we were in the handicapped stall there is a handle on the door. So trying to go to the bathroom, hold the door closed and keep a toddler from getting his hands hurt or going berserk made this trip a real adventure. Sigh. At least we had lunch in an open field so that Aidan could run to his heart’s content.

What will he try next. I am not sure I want to find out.

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