Letter to Santa

Here is a picture of Aidan’s letter to Santa. I told him the letters and he wrote them all by himself except for the question mark.

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Things That Go Boom: Aidan Cam

Perspective on the blast scene from an almost 3-yr old and his FP Digital Camera (as selected by Dad):

I think these are pretty good given the equipment he has to work with! 🙂
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Aidan just did his firetruck puzzle all by himself with absolutely no help. (Just in case “all by himself” wasn’t explicit enough.)

The Finished Product
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Aidan Writing

I am increasingly amazed by Aidan and what he is capable of. We have been working on the alphabet for a while now and I am trying to get Aidan to draw and write a bit more. It was always a struggle to get Aidan to hold the crayons with the correct hold. […] . . . → Read More: Aidan Writing