Best Day Ever According to the Boys

Today we had the best breakfast ever, french toast and fruit smoothies. Then we got dressed and headed out into the chill air and sunshine to the Grey Cup festival. So much fun to see the Olympic Cauldron lit, and Bobs and Lolo. Two footballs and a microphone each and some tap dancing and you have just about the perfect day.

Seconds after the Olymic cauldron was lit.

Having lots of fun . . .

You are never alone . . .

Jump in, Action packed!

Muscles, Muscles you're the best . . .

Bobs and Lolo

Cindy Seahorse

Aidan and Quinlan with Bobs and Lolo


Aidan Floyd here reporting for Global BC . . .

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  1. Jessica says:

    That sounds like a great day! My girls love Bobs and Lolo, but they never seem to get down to Toronto.

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