This was the first rehearsal for the Advent Carol Service on Sunday. Advent, the sacred (as opposed to secular) countdown to Christmas, consists of the 4 Sundays previous to Christmas. This year because Christmas is on the Sunday, Advent is the longest it can be. The next five weeks to Christmas are filled with both secular and sacred activities.

On my list to do, in no particular order:

This are just the things off the top of my head and don’t include making the calendars or my December daily scrap-booking project. Or the Advent letter I write to the boys everyday in December letting them know what we are planning for the day. I fully plan to blog the letters this year and take more picture and actually print them out. Our little HP should get quite the workout.

What are the things you like to do in December?

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  1. NanaLorraine says:

    Look and listen to the things that you do with the boys, read my Advent calendar of devotions, read the Advent calendar that I kept for years with you kids, finish all my school work, go caroling with friends from school, go to a service of Advent Lessons & Carols, go to an evening of storytelling and songs with Clary Croft at the church down the street, sleep for a day after school is out and read at least one book that is Christmassy and not school related.

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