Sick Boys

All I have going through my head at the moment is the Social Distortion song “Sick Boy.” You might remember that the drowning of the iPhone this weekend was because of a sick boy. Then last night Anthony was feeling unwell. It was not until 3:30 this morning that Anthony was also a very sick boy. Quinlan was puke free all of Sunday, but after we dropped Aidan at school he was also a sick boy again. A sick boy who cuddled with me until nap time. At 2:00 or so I got a call from Aidan’s school, and guess what? Yes, you have the picture, another sick boy.

Since I don’t want to contemplate what my evening is going to be like, and as to whether we shall be adding a sick girl to the mixture I am leaving you with a youtube video of Social Distortion.I am also embedding Story of My Life which has much better sound.

PS I fully plan on posting on something other than sickness tomorrow.


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