Red or Gold?

Every once in a while I look for dresses online. t is hard to find dresses that fit my bust here in Vancouver unless they are not very flattering. I found a dress on Igigi that I think is beautiful and will look nice with my rack, but it is a little expensive. I wish there was a place I could try it on and get a few opinions, but since I can’t I will give you a couple of pictures from the website and see which you guys like better. Maybe you can let me know if you think this is a style that would look good on me or not.

The Leigh dress in red.

The Leigh dress in gold.

I like them both, but I think I might like the red better. Now I just need to convince myself that $180 is ok for me to spend on a dress, especially if I need to get a new iPhone.

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7 Responses to Red or Gold?

  1. Patti says:

    Love the red one! It’s gorgeous and will look amazing on you!

  2. Alexis says:

    I like the red one too, but I think either one would look fantastic on you!

    And how often do you buy dresses? I think an occasional splurge is ok. 🙂

  3. NanaLorraine says:

    The red would look amazing on you, just make sure that you get it small enough. I don’t know if you know that I have a dress that is very similar in black and gold. I wore it to Sean’s wedding and to Erin & Trevor wedding. The main difference is that it has flowered lace and you can see the flowers very clearly.

  4. NanaLorraine says:

    I think that the true colours dress would look amazing on you too.

  5. tracey says:

    Love both colours. Would look fab at the opera or at blogher. Agree with Alexis. How often do you buy a dress?

  6. icbleu says:

    The red dress is more versatile all around, but the gold is more “special occasion”. Plus, it has the added benefit of being something you could possibly wear in summer.

    PLEASE post a pic of you if you do get it, I have the same fitting problems and would dearly love to know if this dress will make the girls look awesome.

    ~ Jocelyn

  7. elliomeg says:

    Joining the crowd to pick red over gold.

    Also, thank you, thank you, thank you for this post! I’m also looking for a dress and having a hard time finding anything. This site looks fantastic (I like how they have front and back shots, and, in many cases, videos as well because all three help with deciding if the fit is likely to work.

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