Menu Plan Monday

I am putting up the plan for the next two weeks since I have them finished and I have been having such a hard time blogging lately. Anthony and Aidan are both back to feeling healthy as well so we can actually have meals together for the first time in three weeks. It is also supposed to be sunny this week and maybe we can get out from the frigid temperatures. (Well for Vancouver they have been very frigid.) So onto the plan.

Monday, 31st: Real Mac and Cheese.

Tuesday, 1: Hamburgers

Wednesday, 2: Breakfast for dinner, pancakes

Thursday, 3: Chicken Kabobs, Basmati rice

Friday, 4: Ham, potatoes, broccoli

Saturday, 5: Lasagne, Salad, bread.

Sunday, 6: Leftover buffet.

Monday, 7: Happy Birthday to me. Steak, potatoes and salad.

Tuesday, 8: Something convenient (Guides)

Wednesday, 9: Chicken on the BBQ.

Thursday, 10: Slow cooked pot roast.

Friday, 11: Dinner out for combined birthdays.

Saturday, 12: Sweet and Sour Meatballs

Sunday, 13: Happy Birthday Anthony! His choice, and Lemon Meringue Pie.

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3 Responses to Menu Plan Monday

  1. Rona says:

    Happy Birthday to you and Anthony!

  2. I usually plan the Sunday before… you are very organized! Happy Birthday coming up soon 🙂

  3. chelle says:

    hey! My birthday is on the 8th!

    Happy Birthday (a little early!)

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