The Flu Strikes Again

Anthony waited until Friday morning to get Aidan’s stomach flu. He waited over a week to finally succumb to the dreaded dehydrating monstrosity. Sigh. As this post was started this morning, I thought that I wasn’t in line for this and I was just tired. Um, no. I am not too bad and pretty sure that I am about 12-24 hours behind Anthony. At least the grown up version hasn’t included the vomiting of the child’s version.

So another Easter weekend is down the drain and Anthony has a very busy week next week so he can’t be home at all. This is one of those times that being in Vancouver really sucks. We can’t send the boy to the grandparent’s for the weekend, or get his cousin to babysit him for a few hours.  I was supposed to be singing, reading and serving at church tomorrow as well.  I have already called in sick, and found replacements for the reading and serving.  I am hoping I am less sick than Anthony is.

I  will try to update tomorrow and tell you how Aidan likes his easter stuff.  I knew I went to get the stuff last night for a reason.

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