When I was resetting Aidan, after I got home from guides tonight, he was very talkative.  He didn’t want to be in bed and tried a number of different tactics to get me to let him upstairs again.  When he knew for certain that I wasn’t going to let him he said to me “Mommy are you going upstairs to play with my front end loader?”

You would be very proud of me, I didn’t laugh out loud, nor did I say “Yes!”  I assured him that I would not play with any of his toys.  When I told Anthony he said he would have said “Yes” and done it just to bug him.

What would you have done?

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2 Responses to Overheard

  1. Snort..probably said that I was going to play with daddies front end loader later…

  2. Haley-O says:

    Are you KIDDING ME? You didn’t laugh?? I would have laughed hysterically and called my sister and all of my friends so he could say it again for them!

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