Too Cute: An Aidan Dictionary

Aidan was just running around with his juice box after the cat saying “try it! try it!” I guess he listens when we get him to “just try it.”

Some new words:

bowzer (pronounced bow-zer) = bulldozer

ah-ger-ger= alligator

Soccer-monster = soccer ball

Din-din = Dianthe (one of our ctas)

Dromnda = Andromeda (our other cat)

Yeah right! = 1. anything he doesn’t want to actually take the time to say 2. wow that would be wonderful!

1 comment to Too Cute: An Aidan Dictionary

  • Grandma Kathy

    I love these kinds of posts. Makes me feel as we are really sharing part of Aidan’s life. Keep up the good work Gwen.

    Love Grandma Kathy