The Shower Incident

We had a very long and exciting day of outdoor fun today that I will recount later. I first need to tell you about what happened getting Aidan ready for bed. I will just let you know that there will be talk about poop, so, if you are squeamish about such things read this post no further. The next post will be squeaky clean I promise. 🙂

The plan, after the long day and unexpected sojourn to Wendy’s for supper, was to get Aidan a shower, a clean pair of Pajamas, a bottle of milk and bed. (Let me back up here a bit and let me know if other couples have this problem on the weekends too. Because we are both changing Aidan’s diapers, we never know if he has had his usual bowel movements for the day. It is not unusual to hear either Anthony or I ask if we changed one during the day. We didn’t today until this afternoon before we went out again and it was one of those very solid round lumps that stink to high heaven but don’t do a whole lot to relieve the digestive track. I think you see where my story is going.) We got home about quarter after seven and Anthony took Aidan straight to the shower and I went to get the bottle, pj’s, diaper and acetaminophen. I just got downstairs with the milk, got his pj’s and diaper together when I heard “Oh Crap Gwen! Help!” I asked what was wrong, “Did he poop in the bathtub?” Well of course the answer was yes and we tried to figure out what to do. I got Anthony to hold Aidan still and got some wipes, and then we put him on his toilet seat insert on the toilet. It was a good thing because apparently he wasn’t finished. So we cheered the first poop in the toilet, while trying not to gag as we cleaned up the bathtub. 🙂 I tell you, it is a fine line between pride and gagging. Toddlers, gotta love ’em.

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