In Which I Talk About Toilet Training

We are (and have been for about 2 months or so) being trying to start the idea of going to the toilet for Aidan. We know that he isn’t quite ready to tell us when he wants to go, but we want him to be really comfortable with the toilet concept. I bought an insert for the toilet seat that has handles and is nice and comfy, and we have been putting him on it before his bath. We are really trying to get him to pee in the toilet instead of his bath, but so far he hasn’t cooperated. Oh he doesn’t mind sitting, but he still only pees when he hits the bath water. We have even tried to put him back on the toilet after dipping him in the bathwater, still no go.

There is a silver lining to all this, and it is something that gives me hope. As every mother knows, you do not get to go to the bathroom by yourself and with the door closed for a very long time. This means that your son likes to flush the toilet while you are still on it, and if you are really lucky (and I am) when you do get off he flushes again and shuts the lid. Yes, I may not have him actually going to the toilet yet, but I have made his future roommates/wife/whatever very happy. I have done the impossible, trained a boy to shut the lid by his second birthday. But that is not why I am writing this entry. I am writing this to let you know that two days ago my son practically pulled me off the toilet to get on it himself. Yes I will repeat that for those in the back row, my son wanted to get on the toilet without me just putting him on. Who cares that I wasn’t finished, he wanted to get on the toilet himself! He didn’t actually do anything on the toilet but it does prove that the campaign to get him used to the toilet is working.

So now I just need to find some good training pants, get another toilet seat insert, a foldable toilet seat cover, and oh, we need him to start telling us when he has to go to the bathroom, or even when he needs changing. Let us hope the stars align and we can get him trained in 6 months.

Next, getting him weaned off the bottle, and still getting the amount of milk he needs, and the calming aspect before bed or naps. Wish me luck.

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