Spring has Sprung!

Spring has finally sprung in Vancouver. We endured so much rain and bad weather this winter that we thought it might never come. Last year we had an early spring so I guess we have been spoiled thinking that the end of March is a really late spring. I am trying to get outings a little more organized for Aidan so on Thursday morning J. and Aidan have a standing playdate. This morning we went to Kits beach and played in the sand and on the swings and the slide. It is very cool that every time Aidan plays with a playground steering wheel now he says “A pirate ARRRRR…..”

Tammy got Aidan some sand toys for his birthday including a dump truck , some buckets and shovels. Aidan had a grand time with these especially when the two little girls he picked up played with him as well. J. wanted to go throw some rocks in the waves so Aidan and the girls played by themselves for a while. Aidan seemed to actually remember sand this time so he didn’t spread his fingers in horror the way he did the first few times he was at the beach last year. The boys did get some truck time in though and they looked mighty cute doing it too.

Aidan and Loader

Aidan with Kits in the background. He loves J’s truck.

Aidan with glasses

Yes he does.

A. Closeup

Aidan (I was experimenting with trying to get on his level) figuring out the lever for the dumping action.

Aidan closeup 2

I couldn’t decide which I liked better.


Aidan’s friend J. playing with his truck.

The boys

The boys playing together with moms looking on.


I love this city and I never tire of the view. North Shore Mountains in the background. The big spot of trees is Stanley Park.

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  1. Nana Lorraine says:

    Both boys are so cute. Aidan looks like he needs a bigger hat and smaller glasses!

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