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New Phrases and Commands

On Sunday our boy put together another sentence. He and Anthony walked me to church and they went on to the playground at 6th and Granville. I guess Aidan was have a ball of a time climbing rope … Continue reading

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Pure Dead Magic

This weekend I reread “Pure dead Magic” by Debi Gliori. I must admit that I was looking for a quick and easy read and I decided that I didn’t want to reread the T’witch series right now. I … Continue reading

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Out of the mouthes of babes and Love Thursday

I have to share Aidan’s new favourite words and phrases.  Every time he speaks and new words come out I am amazed and I fall in love more and more.  I am glad that he hasn’t picked up any bad … Continue reading

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Wow, where was I?

I am just noticing that it has been a long while since I have posted. You would think that when Anthony was home I would have more time to post. I actually did some posting from Left Coast … Continue reading

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