New Phrases and Commands

On Sunday our boy put together another sentence. He and Anthony walked me to church and they went on to the playground at 6th and Granville. I guess Aidan was have a ball of a time climbing rope ladders and playing in the cold sand. When Anthony told Aidan it was time to go home, Aidan said clearly and forcefully, “No go home!” I am a little worried what this means for us with his stubbornness.

Something else he has been saying and doing is trying to get us to help him do things like put the train back together or put a little people figure on the truck/train/bulldozer. He will bring us the figure and leave the vehicle where it is and say “Help.””Help.” “Help!!” “Come!!! ” I am just waiting for the “NOW!!!!” am also sure that the reason only the small figure comes to us is so we go to play with him.
We keep trying to keep the “please ” in the conversation and when he says it things happen much faster. Wish us luck.

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  1. Mama C-ta says:

    I’m trying to work on the pleae thing too but right now I might as well not be saying anything at all! Good luck!

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