Out of the mouthes of babes and Love Thursday

I have to share Aidan’s new favourite words and phrases.  Every time he speaks and new words come out I am amazed and I fall in love more and more.  I am glad that he hasn’t picked up any bad vocabulary and I haven’t heard “I hate you Mommy.”  I know that the first time that happens I will be absolutely devastated. So, since it hasn’t and I am loving the things he says, I am sharing them with you.
“WOW!”  seems to be the current favourite.  He uses it all the time and the first ties we heard it constantly was when he was opening his presents on Christmas day and night and boxing day and the days after that.  He also really meant it on Tuesday when we were out for a walk and saw his favourite thing in the world a construction machine.  He watched this backhoe dig up the sideqal;k for a full ten minutes saying over and over “WOW! WOW!”  He cried when I started to take him away.

“Cars!” is another favourite, whether it be describing the toys he has at home, or the hope in his voice when we go outside.  WE were parked on the street Sunday when Anthony and I took him for a walk and he cried for blocks when we didn’t get in the “Cars!”   He then proceeded to cry again everytime an SUV passed us.  He has started saying “Truck” too.

“Pwease” is also a new favourite especially around anything he wants like chocolate, my tea,  or the french fries on Daddy’s plate.  He learned early on that the “pwease” or “pease” will get him things much quicker than before.

“Help” has been happening much more as well.  It is his way of getting us to play with him and he uses it all the time now.   Things he can do by himself no problem at all  now get cries of “help” more often than not.

“Oh Oh!” or “Oh No!” still get a lot of workout too, especially when he wants to throw something (like food) around.

“A end”  or the end as we say comes after we have finished a story or like the night before last when Aidan closes the book and says “a end” to get us to put him to bed already.

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