Cheers to the New Bi-Ped

Aidan has taken more than two steps on his own. FINALLY!!

I can now say to anyone who asks “Is he walking on his own yet?” “Yes, as a matter of fact he is.” I don’t have to tell anyone that it was only at the beach and he wouldn’t repeat it at home. It is ok. He can do it. Well I have known for months that he could do it. He just wouldn’t walk on his own.

His first step he fell but then he got back up and started motoring to the hibachi on the ground just getting ready to be lit. Ah, you say it was the danger factor that we hadn’t counted on. Aidan will walk towards the things he really wants, and the things he wants are dangerous. Hmm I might have to sneak a couple of sharp knives to my Mom at the airport to entice Aidan to walk to her. That wouldn’t get me into trouble, eh?

I will try to get some of this fabulous walking on the web as soon as Aidan will walk in front of the video camera. The cool thing though is that Aidan walked in front of both Anthony and I. You never know when a real first is going to happen, and I am very glad that both of us got to see it.

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  1. heidi says:

    How exciting! Congratulations, Aiden:) Life on two legs is where it’s at, little man!

    So funny how they’ll do it, then they refuse. My friends’ little one took her first steps here at our house, then hasn’t walked alone since. Goofy kids- they have some hidden agenda only comprehensible to themselves.

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