TV, Live, Events?

When I was a kid I would watch what my parents watched. We only had one small TV and because  nobody had a VCR or a DVD or a PVR until I was much older we had to watch things live. I remember watching things like Doctor Who, Star Trek, Magnum PI, and when VCRs […] . . . → Read More: TV, Live, Events?

Voting and the Underaged

It is no secret that Anthony and I are engaged and active in the political scene in Canada. We vote, we research the issues and we talk about what our politicians are doing for and about our country, city and province. We talk about politics in front of and with our children. While our two […] . . . → Read More: Voting and the Underaged

What Happened to a Woman’s Right to Choose?

In reading my tweetdeck this morning catching up on the conversations that were happening last night, I came across a very interesting one on tubal ligation. Specifically will an OB/GYN perform a tubal ligation on a woman who has not had kids or is considered “too young?”
My first thought was that if a woman wants […] . . . → Read More: What Happened to a Woman’s Right to Choose?

When Will They Learn?

I am not really a very political mother, or person for that matter. I vote, yes, and I have opinions about politics, but I have never been one to join a protest and march. I know, I know, I live in BC and I should be a rabid something or other and protest […] . . . → Read More: When Will They Learn?