Third Day of December

The Advent envelope and letter to Aidan and Quinlan is going over really well. Aidan is reading the letter almost all by himself and is very proud of himself. He seems even more excited about the letters than he is about the Playmobile Advent calendar. I talk about what we did the day […] . . . → Read More: Third Day of December

December Daily: Day 1

I am not sure I will be posting every day in December, but I will try.  I am committed to documenting at least the first 25 days of December in an album I made. It is my first real attempt at scrapbooking, so we will see how it goes.  I have a few pictures from […] . . . → Read More: December Daily: Day 1

First Sunday in Advent

Today is the beginning of the church year.  Today is the beginning of Advent.  Today is the beginning of the countdown to Christmas.  Today is the day I took two children to church by myself.  Today is the day Quinlan was a very cranky boy.  Boy was today a day.
I did however get a few […] . . . → Read More: First Sunday in Advent

December Daily

Tonight my table is again a huge mess as I am trying to put together a set of scrapbooking pages to fill out during December.  I want to have a good mix of pages that I can quickly put a picture and journal a bit about what we were doing that day.  Some things will […] . . . → Read More: December Daily