Third Day of December

The Advent envelope and letter to Aidan and Quinlan is going over really well. Aidan is reading the letter almost all by himself and is very proud of himself. He seems even more excited about the letters than he is about the Playmobile Advent calendar. I talk about what we did the day before and about what we are planing for the day. For example for tomorrow I talked about dropping Anthony at work and getting a jacket for Aidan at the Gap. I also let him know that after preschool tomorrow we are going to the CBC Food Bank Day and open house. He will be seeing Bo from Bo on the Go and Huckle from the Busytown Mysteries.

These have been a great prompt for the journal entries and It is the easiest thing in the world to do. I just hope that I keep it up. Anyway, this late night blogging is not conducive to me getting any sleep at all tonight, so good night all.

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