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Aidan Tidbits

As some of you may know, Aidan has a mind like a steel trap. I have heard many times that you can put toys away or get rid of them and a child will not be any the wiser. … Continue reading

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Why am I having such a hard time writing lately? I can’t seem to get more than a sentence or two out. I know that the boy is saying cute things all the time and I can’t get … Continue reading

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This afternoon, as Aidan was helping me vacuum, he uttered:
A: Can we clean it?
G: Yes we can!
A: … (in his best Lofty impression) yeah, I think so
(Sadly you really need to be familiar with the show to get the toddler … Continue reading

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He can Turn so Quickly

Last week when I was posting the Aidan tidbits I thought the answer to the question “Do you love Daddy?” was way too cute. I did feel a little guilty so I turned it around so that when I … Continue reading

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