Aidan Tidbits

As some of you may know, Aidan has a mind like a steel trap. I have heard many times that you can put toys away or get rid of them and a child will not be any the wiser. It always seems to be parent’s (with much more storage space than we have) ways of making old toys new again or getting rid of toys by phasing them out. This story begins with a brand that we love, TONKA. I always loved Tonka trucks as a child and Anthony’s parents still have some of his old ones. Aidan has some great Tonka trucks in NS and loves to play with trucks of all kinds. Last summer my mom bought Aidan a small Tonka crane with a bucket to give him for Christmas. We all thought that since it was a Tonka it would be a good toy for Aidan. Unfortunately there were a few design flaws that made the truck more of a frustration than anything for Aidan and all those around him. The bucket was hinged so that it could scoop up things, yet it was a difficult spring to open and the bucket was too small to actually pick anything up. There was also a flaw in the arm/hinge/spring/winch aspect. It was difficult to winch back up and tangled quite easily. Despite all this Aidan loved this crane. So when he got too frustrated with it we decided to put it on top of the fridge.

About a month ago Anthony cleaned the top of the fridge. In fact he not only cleaned the top of the fridge but he also got rid of things. In fact he got rid of the malfunctioning Tonka crane. We thought we were ok. Aidan hadn’t mentioned the crane in two weeks. Two weeks ago Aidan started asking me for the crane on top of the fridge. “Where is my crane on top of the fridge Mommy?” “I don’t know.” I answered. He left it at that that day. A few days later we had the same exchange. A few days after that he asked again. This time I answered, “I don’t know ask your Daddy.” Wednesday night he did. In fact he was so insistent that Anthony almost went to Toysrus that night to try to find a replacement. What Anthony didn’t know was that I had already been looking for a replacement. I haven’t found one. The thing this tells me though is that I still can’t get rid of that horrible transforming firetruck/school-bus. Shit, I was really hoping he wouldn’t be one of those kids. 🙂


Today when Anthony got home Aidan was feeling the best he has over the last 5 days. He was sitting on Anthony’s lap and moved away from him and said “My shirt is wet.” Anthony had just come in from biking home. Aidan then got off Anthony’s lap and went to the bathroom to get a kleenex. He then went over to Anthony and started to wipe him off. “Drying you off Daddy.” Anthony laughing, “Thank you Aidan. I am going down to shower and get changed.”


Aidan and I have been having a lot of play-dates with Monette and her son Malachi. Aidan loves these play-dates and tells his Dad lots of stories about “Middleguy.” Luckily Monette loves it and thinks it is cute.


That is all for now except that the way to Aidan’s heart is “Milkshake Milk” or chocolate milk. What is cuter than that.

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