He can Turn so Quickly

Last week when I was posting the Aidan tidbits I thought the answer to the question “Do you love Daddy?” was way too cute. I did feel a little guilty so I turned it around so that when I asked “Do you love Mommy?” Aidan would answer, “No, Just Daddy.” Well it worked too well. I thought that he would answer the opposite just when asked either question. No. Sadly now when asked “Do you love Mommy?” he answers “No, just Daddy.” When asked “Do you love Daddy?” he answers “Yes, I love Daddy.” Combine this with Aidan not wanting me to come with him and Daddy to get his jammies on, you have a bit of a sore heart, even if with the questions he is grinning like a madman he finds it so funny. Heaven help me for developing the toddler sense of humour.

2 comments to He can Turn so Quickly

  • Grandma Kathy

    It is so nice to see that Aidan has a good sense of humor. He needs it to fit into the Floyd family – ha ha. You can tell by watching him interact with his parents that he loves both of them equally well.

    Love Mom(Kathy – Grandma)

  • Nana

    Sometimes trying to be fair and even just won’t work, will it? He is getting to bo such a tease.