Aidan and Quinlan Interview Will Stroet

While I was blogging about the Vancouver International Children’s Festival this year I had the opportunity to meet Will Stroet and his lovely wife/manager Kim. During our conversation we decided it would be a good idea for Aidan to interview Will about his career, especially since Will has a close connection to Aidan’s french immersion […] . . . → Read More: Aidan and Quinlan Interview Will Stroet

Fair Phyllis

I often wonder if the musicians of today think that they are being very risque and modern about sex.  I wonder if they have any idea that in the 16th century the songs and madrigals of the day were very naughty indeed.  Most of it was tongue in cheek, but when you think about it, […] . . . → Read More: Fair Phyllis

Little Drummer Boy

Aidan loves music and we love to encourage it in any way we can and that includes percussion instruments. So here for your visual and listening pleasure are a picture and video of Aidan and his drumming to Guitar Hero with Mommy on bass and Daddy on guitar. You will love it. Only […] . . . → Read More: Little Drummer Boy

erder erder erder er

Aidan has taken to singing aroung the house and in the car. A lot. He knows the usual classics like “Twinkle, Twinkle” “The Wheels on the Bus” “Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes” as well as some less well known ones. He doesn’t always get the words all right but he tries […] . . . → Read More: erder erder erder er