Learning and Playing with Play-Doh


I have found the perfect greatest messiest most colourful toy ever. Play-Doh is a great tool for a few things. First Aidan has been playing with the small Play-Doh (I bought a 50 pack of small containers last year just before his birthday) for over an hour and for a good portion of that he was playing quietly by himself. I gave him a plastic knife and he has been cutting up a storm. He is getting very good at cutting with the “very sharp.” He loves to be cutting the Play-Doh as many ways as he can, and his technique with the knife is really improving.

We have been struggling a bit with Aidan and colours. I guess we just didn’t make it a priority before so he didn’t really care about the names of colours. We now use the names of colours for everything we do. Look at the yellow car, the grey truck, the green dragon. What colour is the truck, car, knife, plate? Aidan has been catching up and is almost 100 percent with his colours now. I know because he just spent the last half hour handing me small pots of Play-Doh and asking me to open the various colours by name.

Lots of Fun! (Glad I covered the coffee table with the plastic table cloth though.)

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