Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony, Review, For Real This Time

So I flaked out last week and this week has still been crazy busy but I am determined to get down to the business of blogging. I have Aidan and T. in front of the tv for a few minutes so they don’t kill each other while I am on the computer. I swear that T. came in a foul mood this morning and even this first half hour has been torture. It doesn’t say much for th day, does it? Sigh. (And it doesn’t look like I will be rid of him this week after all. Grumble, Grumble, Grumble. How hard should it be to quit a job?) Ok enough grumbling, onto the book review.


Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony is the latest in the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer. (Eoin is pronounced Owen, just in case you didn’t know. It is a cool Gaelic spelling.) Artemis is once again called upon to save the world for both faeries and humans. Ten thousand years before the faeries went underground after deciding that the war with the mud men was getting out of hand and a strategic retreat was in order not to destroy he planet. Only one section of the faerie family didn’t agree with this plan and the Demons decided that in order to keep a piece of earth for themselves they needed to pull a piece out of time and this dimension until a battle with humans was better suited. Only something went wrong and the circle of warlocks has not been heard of for ten thousand years, and now the time spell protecting Hybras from earth and earth from Hybras is breaking down. Not even Foaly can predict when the next Demon will be popping up, but there is one human who can, Artemis Fowl.

All his calculations made, Artemis predicts the next demon sighting and along with Butler and Holly he is all set to make a dramatic rescue, that is until the Demon is kidnapped right in front of him. Who is smart enough to outsmart Artemis Fowl? A 12 year old girl. It is all up to Artemis, Holly and the gang to rescue the kidnapped demon and figure out how to keep Hybras from crashing to earth and save the earth from the inevitable war between faeries and humans.

In the latest AF novel Eoin Colfer weaves his magic and keeps us interested in the evolution of Artemis from criminal genius to criminal genius with a conscience and a yen to save the world. What makes this novel so compelling is the way Eoin brings the everyday teenage problems and marries them with the magic of the faerie world without making a huge mess of it. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Artemis is growing up and becoming more interested in girls almost to the point of distraction, but it does that Eoin actually writes about it. Artemis is growing as a character and each book develops his personality so that he almost breathes.

Ok, so you may have guessed that I liked the book. I am trying to become more articulate in the way I write and I am sure it will take many more reviews before I get my point across much better. Have no fear though I am going to get it right. If you would like to read more reviews and a better summary check out these links. Eoin Colfer’s personal website, Artemis Fowl Confidential a cool website for everything Artemis Fowl, Audible where you can get the audio book (I highly recommend the audio book narrated by Nathaniel Parker.)

If you like ya fiction I would recommend Artemis Fowl:The Lost Colony. If you don’t, oh well, my book reviews probably won’t be much use to you. 🙂

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