mo’ babies? Why yes!

As of now  I am 6 weeks away from a new baby of my own and I have been remembering all the wonderful (and not so wonderful) aspects of being the parent of a newborn.   As part of the virtual shower for Kristen of Motherhood Uncensored and Rebecca of Girl’s Gone Child the hosts are asking for posts of remembrances of the wonderful things about being the parent of a newborn.

When Aidan was born on the Friday of Easter weekend he had disrupted my plans of “one last” quiet weekend with video games and chocolate.  He did have exquisite timing for giving his dad a few days off already so he didn’t need to take as many vacation days.  Despite a bit of a rocky start  on the breast feeding front and a bit of jaundice we happily got home on Easter Sunday and had a few days on our own before my mom flew in from across the country.

Anthony and 2 Day Old Aidan
Anthony and 2 Day Old Aidan

My earliest memories of my son are sweet, the skin to skin contact, the small boy cuddling into his father’s chest and the indescribable joy of having our baby boy in our arms.  The sweet smell of a newborn baby that no one can recreate, and the look in your baby’s eyes when you cuddle them close are things I can’t wait to experience again.

Congratulations to Kristen and Rebecca and all the other internet ladies expecting in the next few weeks.  I wish us all a wonderful experience with as much sleep as possible.

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  2. Nana says:

    I alway forget how small and sweet newborns are! Aisan was so cute and cuddly. I can’t wait to hold our next little bundle.

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