Broken Promises

I promised I would start writing more and look at all the new content.  I feel bad that it looks like the promise I made had already gone to pot.  It really hasn’t but life, in the form of kids, keeps getting in the way.

On the sleep front things are not getting much better.  I have two books that I am reading, The No Cry Nap Solution and the No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley.  I was looking for Sleep Solutions for Your Baby, Toddler and Preschooler by Ann Douglas because I like her style and if I had any questions I could just bug her on twitter.

With the sleep issue, the issue being that no one except Aidan is getting any uninterrupted sleep, two very active boys, the migraines and no time to myself, I am becoming very cranky.  I am not quite sure how to remedy this.  I am not ready to wean, and Quinlan won’t even take the occasional bottle.  This kind of rules out babysitters for the next while.  While in theory I am pretty ok with this, I need Quinlan to take some form of milk by the end of October.  There is nothing that will make me scalp the tickets we have to U2.  OK I guess there is, but is would have to be pretty big.  We also need Quinlan babysitter ready for the next Geo Rally, and the Olympics.  All these things require Quinlan to be ok with someone other than me feeding him liquids.  I am tempted to try cow’s milk since he won’t take formula or pumped breast milk, but I need to wait until he is a year.  Sorely tempted I am though.

The other thing that will help me to be more productive on the writing front is Aidan going to preschool 3 days a week starting MONDAY!  Those six hours are going to be heaven.  Quinlan will have some one on one time and some alone playtime.  I will endeavour to get some quality writing in. So until then . . . (Oh and I will update with links soon.)

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2 Responses to Broken Promises

  1. Tamara says:

    Anyone with a baby and a toddler know exactly how you feel. Don’t beat yourself up over it and anyone that doesn’t understand should be the one you hire as the sitter for U2!

    Take it hour by hour, day by day and it will come. Your promises to your little ones are the only promises you need to keep…

  2. Nana says:

    Even if Quinlan won’t take liquid from anyone other than you go to see U2. A night out for both you and Anthony is much more important than Q crying for a little while or someone having to put up with it. Remember that both you and I survived you having to go to daycare. I had a hard time forgiving myself for inflicting the trauma on you but you still love me. You do still love me don’t you?? lol.

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