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Nothing say “I love you” like a Dremel Tool

Now you may think I am kidding but my husband knows me really well. I am like any girl and I like jewelry and clothes as much as the rest of our species, but I am also a bit … Continue reading

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Tonight while we were watching Super Why? Aidan pointed out something to me.  After say “P is for pig” it was  “Mommy Alpha Pig has a penis.”  Can you say three is when we really start with body awareness.

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We finally told the parents so I can finally announce it on the blog (they read and would be a little offended to find out on the blog.) I am expecting a new little person of undetermined sex to … Continue reading

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Whine, Flu and Toilet Training

He has officially entered the whiney stage. Aidan can not ask for anything now without using that whiney voice that drives me nuts. He still usually says “Please Mommy” but it is still a whine. So I … Continue reading

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