Nothing say “I love you” like a Dremel Tool

Now you may think I am kidding but my husband knows me really well. I am like any girl and I like jewelry and clothes as much as the rest of our species, but I am also a bit of a geek. Some of the best presents I have been given from my husband have been computer related or something that one of his friends would never have given any of his girlfriends.

One memorable Christmas we had a friend live with us for the month of November while he was taking an elective at our local Children’s hospital. During this time I was frantically painting wine glasses for family back home, so Christmas was in the air early. (Well it always is because we need to mail presents back east by early December.) Money was a bit tight because we were coming off finishing a P.Hd. (yes, I count it as both of us finishing as it was 7 years of our lives) and I didn’t renew my contract with the Muslim School. That meant that we were trying to be really frugal with our money but still have a few nice presents for each other.

It was in this vein of trying to find something nice for the other that Anthony took Justin out with him to get my main present for Christmas that year. Justin was a little surprised when this trip to buy my present took them to Canadian Tire. “Are you sure you want to get Gwen’s present from here?” he asked dubiously? Anthony told him he was sure and led Justin over to the power tool section. I am told that Justin was even more dubious that Anthony should really be getting me a power tool for a present. Thus Anthony picked out the Dremel Tool (or the Mastercraft version) for my Christmas present.

I have to tell you that yes my husband really does know me well. I love my Dremel tool. It was very useful for the Jewelry making course I took later on that spring. When we have more space again for my workbench the dremel tool will be used a lot more again.

Just in case you think that Anthony only gives me power tool or computer equipment, he also gets it right with jewelry. I have a number of very pretty jade pieces, my favourite of which is a set of Jade dolphin earings and necklace. Also after a very exorbitant Christmas he got down on one knee and proposed with a lovely engagement ring he picked out by himself with no input from me at all. I still love it and I get compliments on it all the time.


Most of my gifts gone wrong have been in my capacity as an elementary school teacher. The number of very smelly soaps, lotions and other assorted knick-knacks I have got over the years is a little silly. That is not to say that I didn’t appreciate the thought. I do know that when I get something for my children’s teachers in the future they will be gift cards for books, office supplies and the like. I know how much teachers spend on their classrooms from their own pockets.


This post was inspired as part of the Parent Bloggers Network Blog Blast: Gifts Gone Right, Gifts Gone Wrong. It is sponsored by Get in Her Head a website for help in the gift giving department. Here’s hoping I win the $250 gift cert for my favourite spa. I could really use a nice massage and facial.

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  1. That IS a cool present. To each her own!

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  3. Karianna says:

    I’ve definitely gotten more use out of the practical things, as much as a let-down as it may be initially. But, I’d rather know that the money was well-spent. Still, I was pretty happy to get a diamond watch this past Christmas (Hey, it is a watch, it is still practical!)

  4. great title. and I know exactly what you mean except im the opposite im a man that loves tools and camping gear. but I also have a different side that I had from most but my spouse knows me through and through. some of my favorite gifts were a sewing maching and a hot glue gun

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