Where Does My Time Go?

The Parent Bloggers Network along with Light Iris is sending someone to Blogher this summer (well on my  anniversary actually) and I would love to win.  They are asking bloggers to be part of a Blog Blast on June 8th, asking the question “Where does my time go?”  In order t0 be part of this you need to post on June 8th only and link The Parent Bloggers Network and Light Iris.  Now on to the post.

As I posted last night I have a  very busy weekend starting today and I am making time for a few things that I don’t always get the time for and I really miss.  When I didn’t have Aidan I can honestly say that I probably read at least one book a day, or on a slow day or with a really long book may 1 every 2 days.  Sure this meant that I have read a number of books several times, but it was a part of my life.  Now I am lucky to get in a book a week.  Of course I have now discovered Audible and that has helped immensely as now I can listen to book as well.  But where did that time to read go?

Aidan was born two years ago on March 25th, and from that moment on my life, well our lives have changed.  At first I tried to read while I was nursing, and for a while that worked.  But then life with a newborn, infant and toddler has taken over.  Each day we do a number of things that amaze me as they take over my day.  We have the mundane: changing diapers, washing clothes, changing beds, washing dishes, bibs and counters.  We have the fun: playing music, reading books (to Aidan), going to swimming lessons, music classes, going to the park.  We have the interesting: seeing Aidan learn new skills, walking, talking, putting real sentences together, learning his alphabet, trying to sound out things, learning titles of books, learning everything he can about Tough Vehicles (though really to be honest I don’t every want to read the Tonka books ever again.) We have the worrying: when will he really decide he wants to walk, when will people stop asking if he is going to walk (the answer to that was when he walked,) when he gets sick, when you take him to the emergency in the middle of the night the first time, when he gets strapped to the chair howling to get an x-ray, when he has a fever, when he throws up and you hadn’t yet figured out the too tired=puking equation, when your boy is listless and not moving the way he should.  We have the amazing: the first hugs, kisses, Mommys, Daddys, I love yous. I smile just thinking about them.
My baby boy is no longer a baby.   My Aidan is a little boy with interests of his own.  He is an independant being.   He likes to run and play.  He likes to be near us, but he is willing to go away from us.  He can amuse himself with his toys and books.  He can talk up a storm.  He can come up with a sentence like  “Look there’s another sky-train.”  He can put together a puzzle.  He can make a scribble and call it a cat.  My little boy is growing up.  Where did the time go?

Where did the time go?

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