Blogher Envy

This weekend there are hundreds of cool women bloggers advancing on San Jose, California. Sadly, I am not one of them. On both counts actually. I am not a cool woman, and so far not much of a blogger. I am trying however.

So, now I have a big case of Blogher envy.

When I first heard about the Blogher conference I thought that it sounded really cool, and well worth it for those women who were going. The conference topics sounded really interesting and more than that useful. But would a girl like me belong there? What could I add to the discussion?

You see I have not been blogging very long. Our family blog has only been in action since November and my own personal blog only about a week. I am not much of a writer yet, but I have found that having a blog is making my thoughts sometimes slow down enough to get them down on virtual paper. I even think that my writing is improving. Not enough yet to get much traffic, but enough that I might not be ashamed to let someone from the Blogher community look at it.

I have also recently come out of my shell a bit and start commenting on the blogs I have been lurking on for a while. I may come off as someone trying too hard, but I guess that is something you have to be willing to take. So, I am making the effort to do things. I write a post almost every day now. I comment in at least one place every day. I am starting to save for next year’s Blogher.

Now I just have to pimp my blog around. Hopefully all it will take is a cute picture of my son. Children have to be good for something . . . don’t they?

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2 Responses to Blogher Envy

  1. Dana says:

    I think your writing is fantastic! And blogging is such a great outlet for many of us. Keep it up! 🙂

  2. Gwen says:

    Thank you Dana. I keep trying and I hope that I keep getting better.

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