Perfect Post

Have you ever written the perfect post? You know one that is witty, intelligent and should resonate with people? Well I write those all the time, they just don’t make it onto Blogger. I write my best posts while I am walking and thinking or just before I fall asleep.

Ah, now you understand why my blog is so boring and banal.

A great example is two nights ago. I was having a hard time falling asleep and I was listening to some podcast. It was either a Manic Mommies or a Mommycast or a Penn Radio. I know, I know, it is a weird mix. Anyway, I was thinking that one of the reasons that I find blogging hard is that my fingers can’t keep up with my brain. By the time things come out of my fingers I read them and think, “That is not what I was thinking at all.” Or in the alternative, “Damn, that was stupid.” I then started thinking that maybe I should podcast instead. I know that my verbal skills are (at least most of the time) are much better than my written skills. I think that I even started to write the podcast in my head.

Ok, so why am I still blogging? Why did I even make the effort to get my own blog, instead of just writing for my family blog? I am really hoping to improve my writing and maybe even become as prolific as a few of my favourite bloggers. If you haven’t already checked out A Mommy Story, Queen of Spain, Somewhere on the masthead do so now!

Well this certainly isn’t the perfect post, but maybe I can be nominated for one of the Really Fucking Stupid Blog Awards. I am sure that the first category is probably right up my alley. 🙂

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  1. heidi says:

    That’s so funny- I “wrote” the perfect post this morning while I was nursing the babe. An imperfect version made it onto my blog later this evening, but I know it was better in my head. Found you on Posthip Chick’s blog- I’m a newbie too and starting to de-lurkify as you said. Happy Blogging!

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