Too Busy

Sorry, I am just getting in a quick post. Between choir practice, voting and tabletop games with the family, and then with friends I didn’t have time to write.

See you tomorrow.


Tomorrow is a day of BC civic elections and if we are lucky we will get out more than 30% of the population to vote.

Even though we have a fucked up system and you need to bring a list of just under 30 names for Mayor, School Trustee, Park Board and City Counselor, go vote if you are eligible.

Even though it would be much easier to have a ward system so you only need to figure out 4 names, go vote.

Even though it might be more fun to go shopping or get a coffee, take the time to go vote.

Please go vote!

If you need a list of name so you can figure out at least who belongs to what party go here.

Tomorrow, GO VOTE!

Five Random Things About Me

At the end of October, Alexis of Wave the Stick tagged me in an old fashioned meme created by Elan Morgan of Schmutzie fame. I am supposed to write 5 random things about me. I have been pondering what I could tell you that might be even remotely interesting and I am still not sure. I have lots of things that are random, but interesting?


The pitch bend lever on my digital piano drives me absolutely crazy. I love music and I love to sing. I even have a Bachelor’s degree in Music from Dalhousie University. I do not have perfect pitch, but when the piano pitch bend lever plays it is like someone is running their fingernails over a chalkboard. It actually makes me physically sick.


I love tea. I am starting to think that I may have a bit of a loose tea problem. I am not sure how many different types of loose tea I have in my tea drawer. I was able to get a Davids Tea advent calendar this year and I can’t wait to try as many of the teas as I can, even the ones that are not black teas.


I am truly an ocean girl. I can’t even imagine living in a place with no ocean nearby. Even at that I am actually an Atlantic Ocean girl. While parts of the Pacific are beautiful, they don’t even compare to the majesty of the Atlantic. I think the desert is absolutely beautiful, but when I am in the desert I crave the ocean air.


I am finally to the point where I actually miss winter a little bit. I like having a little bit of snow, and I even want snow to stay for a few days. Let me be honest, I hate to drive in the snow, but I love walking in the falling snow. I love the quiet that comes around the falling snow. I miss the fog horns and bells you hear in Halifax when it snows, but when it snows in Vancouver, it feels pretty close.


If I can’t sleep, I almost always put on one of Neil Gaiman’s audio-books. I find his voice incredibly soothing, and I hope he wouldn’t find it a bad thing that he reads me to sleep a lot of nights. My favourite of his audio-books is Neverwhere. I must have listened to this book at least 20 times. If you have not read or listened to Neverwhere do so, now!

Now to tag some people myself. I am kicking myself for taking so long but I would love to hear from Andrea at Mama in the City, Harriet of See Theo Run, Lisa of Spokesmama, Erin of Queen of Spain, and Angella of Dutch Blitz.