Meet my new computer: Wesley

A few years ago Anthony got me the best Valentines day gift ever, my netbook Cordelia. I loved my Cordelia and she worked really well for me until she didn’t. I started having issues with her when I went to blogher in New York, luckily it was just a power cord issue, or so I […] . . . → Read More: Meet my new computer: Wesley

Making the Most of Our View

Since we moved in 6 years ago we have had a fantastic view.  As you can see our fears have finally come true, someone is developing the rundown (and short) building behind us.  For a short time our view has improved, but it will soon merely be the wall of a building.  So while the […] . . . → Read More: Making the Most of Our View

One Lone Blossom

A Lone Christmas . . . → Read More: One Lone Blossom

One Word

I have thought about what one word I want to define my year, 2011.  I want this word to be one that describes what I am trying to accomplish this year.
Create: verb
*bring into existence, originate
*give rise to; produce by what one does
*give a new rank or position to
*make a fuss, grumble
Creative: adjective
*having the power or […] . . . → Read More: One Word