My boys, Aidan (9) and Quinlan (6) are really close brothers. Sometimes it is just proximity and sharing a room, and other times like tonight it is a shared experience and an enjoyment of each others company. That is not to say that my boys don’t fight. They do, all the time. They know each […] . . . → Read More: Brothers

Step Up For CTYP

Today was filled with book fairs, goal setting conferences and a lot of beautiful shoes.
I bought my first (and nearly second and third) pair of Fluevog shoes tonight. I brought my lovely friend and shoe enabler Tracey to a charitable event for Carousel Theatre. Half of the proceeds from the night went to Carousel, […] . . . → Read More: Step Up For CTYP

A Teacher Who Hates Homework

Though I haven’t taught in a classroom for many years, I still have strong opinions about teaching. I loved being a teacher, and I loved teaching, but I didn’t like homework. I still don’t like homework.
When I was teaching in a private school the parents of my students came from a whole number of different […] . . . → Read More: A Teacher Who Hates Homework

NaBloPoMo and Other Creative Endeavours

I just remembered why I always saved every few minutes when I worked with wordpress. I just had a lovely post about knitting and writing that just disappeared when I tried to save a draft. Well, I am pretty sure it was lovely, or maybe it was a little bit rambly with a side of […] . . . → Read More: NaBloPoMo and Other Creative Endeavours